What does globalization mean?(to me) it's just learning some foreign languages and proving it.It really is.Being more social than you were , knowing and meeting much more people all around the world ,reaching lots of information about every fuckin thing in the universe , blablabla.

Of course these are special k's for us, this millennium thing brought all of these into todays opinions.We can't live our lifes without any supportive tasks.Count on me ,all these things we stand turning into stranger , foreigner ,outsider .. say what you want. Every person on the world thinking with an another language ,yes not just speechs,dialogues , they are acting like an .. actually it's not about being foreigner.It's about changing, changing into a global one.

I'm not going to discuss being global,abilites on speaking in another language etc...I'm not trying to pave a way for anarchy or something.I'm just saying :

-Enough! I don't want to be forced to learn anything , neither my friends nor somebody else's lover . (funny stuff,nevermind)

Here's the thing for real.I wanna learn my courses exactly how they are , with their terms , with important points exactly how i can digest and get 'em totally.There are 7 books i HAVE TO buy, named like 'methods of macro economic dynamics', 'microecon a modern approach' ... What is it for , suckerz ! Pissed of so much , it doesn't make sense ! It's 'iktisat' not 'economics' , and ,by the way ,i wanna learn japanese , whaddup? It makes a lil' sense.

and a little more thing.Why the heck am i getting 'statistics' ?! totally ridiclious.

(this is for my fellaz who can't stand writing essay anymore.damn.)

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